MyBoo 2 organic bamboo tetra blanket Mermaid set

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A pair of extra-large and luxurious swaddle blankets made of organic Bamboo
The case includes:
  1. Tetra swaddle blanket 100% two-layer organic bamboo with a Mermaid print.
  2. Tetra swaddle blanket 100% thin two-layer organic bamboo with the water world print.
  3. A framework for marking the baby's age.

    The uses are many and varied:
  • Wrap for relaxation and to improve sensory regulation.
  • A breathable cover during breastfeeding.
  • Offers shade during nap time in the baby carriage :)
  • Easy cleanup of any food residue or reflux.
  • Baby's favorite blanket!
  • Baby milestone blanket
  • A perfect gift for a mother!
Why bamboo?
The bamboo is natural, dries quickly, hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. Super cozy and silky soft.
Myboo blankets are made of 100% organic Bamboo - soft as silk, breathable and can be dried quickly.
size: 100 * 110* cm (39* 44 Inch)