About Koalita

KOALITA cozy innovations established following the development and production of our flagship product, the pregnancy and breastfeeding MoonLove pillow (a model registered with the Patent Authority).
Thanks to its innovative design, the pillow can adapt to a number of different uses and situations notably to support mothers during pregnancy, breastfeeding can later be used as a bean bag for toddlers and a comfortable pillow for all members of the household.
Development of the product began during my third pregnancy, as I suffered from constant sleep discomfort and back pain. As a result, I tried using existing products claiming to give support and comfort during pregnancy.
However,  I felt that there was room to try and improve on the existing products available to pregnant women. I then began to imagine a different pregnancy pillow, which would allow for a more comfortable sleeping solution, whilst still being suitable for comfortable breastfeeding after pregnancy.
The development phase then began with an in-depth examination of the unique needs that arise in the initial phases of parenting. With an emphasis on ergonomic and versatile design, durability, and reuse-ability. By implementing new and creative solutions a prototype was created. Following this, quality materials and craftsmen were tested in order to find the most suitable for my vision.
Our vision is to continue the development of soft and innovative products for mothers and babies. We will continue leading with an ecological and modern design, consisting of quality materials, and with an economic mindset that has long-term use in mind.

Hello, nice to meet you

I’m Oli, a mother of 4 from Tel Aviv, the owner of Koalita. I was born into a family of creative and hardworking women who engaged me in creativity alongside agricultural work. According to family tradition, my grandmother Yekaterina was a seamstress who catered to royalty. I specifically remember as a child, being told the story of a dress made especially for Queen Elizabeth. I can still recall my grandmother's home, morphing into a workshop instantly, full of sheep’s yarn for weaving beautiful garments. In my mother’s home, the sound of the sewing machine was constant, always in the back of my mind. The women in my family showed me how to create and craft, be self-sufficient and independent. Naturally, when it came to fixing a problem I chose to create and craft until I found the right solution.
I hope that the result of my work will help you as much as it helped me, to experience this exciting (yet challenging) period in a more pleasant and comfortable way.
Oli Mor, the founder and owner of KOALITA