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How to take care and adjust your Pillow?


Full body pillow for healthy sleep Body Moon - illustration demonstrating how to adjust the pillow


To fit every woman or man and every body type, we fill BodyMoon with the maximum amount of filling.
  • If there is a feeling that the thickness of the pillow does not provide the desired support for a certain part of the body, you can add filling and get a thicker and harder pillow.
  • If you prefer your pillow softer and "fluffy" - removing some of the filling will allow that too.
  • Removing and adding the filling is easy and fast - you have to open the zipper of the pillowcase and under it the zipper of the lining and thus you can move part of the filling, add or remove it where needed. We recommend keeping the filling you took out so that you can put it back in the pillow if necessary.
  • You can ask us for an additional refill at no cost.
    Contact us at service@koalita.co.il or at 052-8799047
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The pillowcase is removable and washable. Since it is made of cotton fabrics (which naturally fade faster than non-natural fabrics), it is recommended to wash inside out at 30 degrees in a gentle/short cycle and dry in the shade (no tumble dryer and no direct sun).

When removing the pillowcase, we recommend starting with the open part and ending with the closed part. Please see the diagram at the top of the page.
When wearing the pillowcase, we recommend starting with the closed part and ending with the open part.
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Service and Warranty

We are here for you! We will be happy to help with any questions!
Lifetime warranty: on seams, zippers, filling.
If a defect is found in the product when you receive it, please contact us and we will replace it.
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