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?How to take care and adjust your pillow

3 in 1: An innovative pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow that allows a personalized and precise adjustment to your body at every stage of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Helps thousands of women in Israel sleep better during pregnancy and breastfeed comfortably and hands free. Has snap buttons that close and create a cozy pouf for your baby.


How to take care of and adjust your pillow?
In order to make our pillow universal to all women and stages of pregnancy, the MoonLove pillow is made with the maximum amount of filling.
  • Adjusting the height of the MoonLove pillow during pregnancy:
  • During the early stages of pregnancy, or for women with a narrow build, the pillow may be too high/thick. We recommend removing some of the filling to slightly lower the pillow and thus allow for optimal separation between the legs, and to minimize the burden put on the pelvis.
  • • If you prefer your pillow softer and "fluffy" – removing some of the filling will allow this as well.
  • Removing the filling is quick and easy - open the outer zipper, as well as the lining zipper. Remove some of the filling and spread the rest of the filling in the pillow evenly (or, if you want varied support on the head and legs, you can reduce the filling on only one end). We recommend that you keep the filling, so that if need be it could be used again in the pillow.
  • If you want a sturdier pillow, or after use you feel that you need an additional refill - contact us and we will happily provide you with a refill at no additional cost.
  • Adjusting the height of the MoonLove pillow for breastfeeding:
  •  To accurately adjust the height of the baby to the breast, you can move the pillow and change its height. Please watch the demonstration video available on this page. If the pillow is still too high or too hard - removing the filling will help with a perfect fit, especially for your baby.


The pillow cover can be removed and washed. Since the cover is made of cotton fabrics (which naturally fade faster than unnatural fabrics), it is recommended to wash the pillow inside out at 30 degrees and in a gentle/short mode. It is not recommended to put the cover in the dryer, rather let it dry in the shade (without direct sun).
When putting the cover back on the pillow, we recommend starting from a closed wing tip and ending with an open wing tip. You can use the chart at the top of the page for extra guidance.

Warranty and customer service

We are here for you! We would be happy to help with any questions!
• One-year warranty: on seams, zippers, filling.
• If a defect is found in the product when received, please contact us and we will replace it.  For the full regulations click here