Full Body Pillow BodyMoon Navy

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 Navy model
Combination of Stone-gray and Navy-blue colors
*comes with extra filling*

What makes BodyMoon a life-changing pillow?
With an ergonomic design that can be customized, the pillow helps prevent and relieve back, neck and pelvic pain during sleep.
Provides maximum comfort in the recommended sleeping position on the side.

✔️ Reduces strain and pain in the upper and lower back

✔️ Relieves pain and discomfort in the pelvis and hips
✔️ Supports the recommended position for sleeping on the side
✔️ Suitable for any body type and comes with extra filling

✔️ Made of the highest quality raw materials

✔️ Soft, non-shrinking Holofiber filling
✔️ The level of softness and the thickness of the pillow adjustable
✔️ Breathable and hypoallergenic fabric to prevent sweating

✔️ Israeli development of a unique ergonomic structure

✔️ Made in Israel under fair trade conditions
✔️ Lifetime warranty
✔️ High quality and excellent service
  • Pillowcase: 92% cotton, 8% lycra. Can be removed and washed.
  • Lining: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Includes a zipper for adding or removing filling for an optimal fit.
  • Filling: high-quality Holofiber.
  • Dimensions: about 150/50 cm.
  • Weight: about 2 kg.
  • Package: PVC bag.

Warranty and service
  • Unlimited warranty: on seams, zippers, filling.
  • If a defect is found in the product, please contact us and we will replace it.
  • Returns policy
  • Delivery to any city or area in Israel is free of charge.
  • Delivery time: up to 5 business days.
  • Delivery days: Sunday-Thursday (excluding holiday eves) between 08:00 and 17:00.
  • Coordination before arrival: a pre-delivery message will be sent about two hours before the courier arrives, telephone coordination will be 30-60 minutes before the courier arrives.
  • Pick up: 51 Matalon St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa by appointment only.
Payment options
  •  Secure payment using PCI DSS information security standard.
  •  Up to 2 interest-free payments.
  •  Payment via PayPal.
  •  Telephone payment / bank transfer / Bit / PayBox - available at 052-8799047.

How to take care and adjust your Pillow?
To fit every woman or man and every body type, we fill BodyMoon with the maximum amount of filling.
  • If there is a feeling that the thickness of the pillow does not provide the desired support for a certain part of the body, you can add filling and get a thicker and harder pillow.
  • If you prefer your pillow softer and "fluffy" - removing some of the filling will allow that too.
  • Removing and adding the filling is easy and fast - you have to open the zipper of the pillowcase and under it the zipper of the lining and thus you can move part of the filling, add or remove it where needed. We recommend keeping the filling you took out so that you can put it back in the pillow if necessary.
  • You can ask us for an additional refill at no cost.
    Contact us at service@koalita.co.il or at 052-8799047