Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow 3 in 1 MoonLove Navy

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3 in 1 Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow
Navy Model
Combination of Stone-grey & Navy-blue colors

What makes MoonLove a life-changing pillow?
Ergonomic design that allows a personalized and precise adjustment to your body and a unique patent that enables hands-free breastfeeding.
*Comes with extra filling for an optimal fitting*
Reduces pressure and pain in the lower back

Relieves pain and discomfort in the pelvis and hips
Supports the recommended position for sleeping on the side
Suitable for any body type and at any stage of pregnancy
supports your back and helps you sit upright
Prevents pain in the arms by breastfeeding with free hands
Softness/thickness of the pillow is adjustable
 Effective breastfeeding by precisely adjusting the baby's position

Allows breastfeeding in a variety of positions, also for twins
Softly supports the baby's entire body during breastfeeding
 Closes into a relaxing pouf for babies and toddlers
  • Includes 2 clasps and 12 snaps (6 on each side) and is suitable for women of all sizes.
  • Filling: high-quality Holofiber.
  • Material - Pillowcase: 92% cotton, 8% lycra. Removable and washable. Lining: 50% cotton, 50% polyester.
  •  Dimensions: about 150/50 cm (in its open position).
  •  Weight: about 2 kg.
  •  Package: PVC bag.

Service and Warranty

Unlimited warranty: on seams, zippers, filling.
If a defect is found in the product when you receive it, please contact us and we will replace it.
Returns Policy

  • Delivery to any city or area in Israel is free of charge.
  • Delivery time: up to 5 business days.
  • Delivery days: Sunday-Thursday (excluding holiday eves) between 08:00 and 17:00.
  • Coordination before arrival: a pre-delivery message will be sent about two hours before the courier arrives, telephone coordination will be 30-60 minutes before the courier arrives.
  • Pick up: 51 Matalon St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa by appointment only.

Payment options
  •  Secure payment using PCI DSS information security standard.
  •  Up to 2 interest-free payments.
  •  Payment via PayPal.
  •  Telephone payment / bank transfer / Bit / PayBox - available at 052-8799047.

Adjusting and maintaining the MoonLove Pillow
  • To adjust the pillow for an optimal fit, you can remove or add filling (by opening the 2 zippers).
  • If you prefer the pillow to be softer and airy - remove excess filling and spread the remaining filling in the lining evenly.
  • The pillowcase can be removed and washed. It is recommended to wash upside down at 30 degrees, without any whitening products.
  • The pillowcase is made of natural fabrics (which fade faster than synthetic fabrics) – in order to prevent shrinkage / fading, we do not recommend drying in a tumble dryer. It is recommended to hang the pillowcase to dry in the shade.
  • More information can be found on the page: How to adjust and maintain the MoonLove pillow
  • Need more filling? Contact us and we will provide you with filling for the delivery cost only - 35 NIS (or pick up from Tel Aviv at no cost)
  • The product includes snaps and zippers -it is not to be used as a game!
  • The product allows breastfeeding with free hands - under supervision. Do not use the product without supervision and vigilance towards your baby / toddler.
  • Do not lay a baby / toddler on the pillow unattended